Stakeholders' Consultation Workshop on Development of BTF Roadmap

The Stakeholders' Consultation Workshop on Development of the BTF Roadmap with our partner agencies and stakeholders from the government, with the experts from the ICIMOD was held on March 27, 2024 in Thimphu.
The BTF (Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation) is the first environmental trust, granted Royal Charter in 1996 and has over the years supported projects in partnership with diverse stakeholders within the Royal Government, Civil Society Organizations, Communities and environmental entrepreneurs.
In line with BTF’s Royal Charter 2021 Objects, and with expertise from ICIMOD, the BTF management is working towards development of a longer-term Roadmap to ensure strategic program focus, enhance investments & resource mobilization, and strengthen partnerships. In line with this, we completed a one-day Stakeholders’ Workshop to get expert inputs and views from our stakeholders and partner agencies.
We are grateful for your support, guidance and honest feedbacks- these will be our guiding lights to achieving our success together.