A visit to Phibsoo WildLife Sanctuary

A visit to Phibsoo WildLife Sanctuary

The staffs and the management of BTFEC is grateful to Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary (PWS) for graciously hosting our team during our recent visit to the spectacular wilderness of the PWS.

The BTFEC team enjoyed jungle safari, a short hike, and birdwatching-- an experience new and unforgettable for most of our staffs. The BTFEC management also interacted and discussed on prospects for support and collaboration with the PWS.

What sets Phibsoo wildlife sanctuary apart from other Protected Areas in Bhutan is the presence of spotted deer (Chital) and natural Sal forests, found nowhere else in the country.  Other attractions for the visitors to the PWS are sighting of important tropical species such as elephant, gaur and golden langur, and native birds in their natural habitats. The PWS was established as Phibsoo Reserved Forests as early as 1974, and in 1993 it was upgraded to Wildlife Sanctuary. It has a huge potential for nature-based tourism, and most importantly, PWS is also one of the two national parks included in Bhutan’s ambitious and promising dream of the true Gross National Happiness city, the “Gelephu Mindfulness City”.  


Gelephu Mindfulness City

To ensure each and every employee of BTFEC understands and draws inspiration from the core concepts of the Gelephu Mindfulness City (GMC), a session on the GMC was prepared at Gelephu. The Director Tashi Penjor graciously spoke about His Majesty’s vision for the Gelephu Mindfulness City. He also elaborated on the physical aspects, key characteristics, and the four main principals strengthening the foundation of the GMC: Mindfulness & Wellbeing, Sustainability & Environment, Culture and Innovation & Growth.

The BTFEC management acknowledged the importance of collective efforts to achieve the GMC Project. The BTFEC family pledged our devotion and goodwill to support realize Bhutan’s biggest dream of building the world’s first mindfulness city in Gelephu with GNH values.