The CEO of the Global Environment Facility visits BTF

The CEO of of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Mr. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, visited Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation (BTF) secretariat for a brief meeting on Wednesday. The CEO discussed about future collaboration and partnerships for environmental conservation.
This visit is a significant milestone for BTF as it is an indication and reassurance that the bond that was created over three decades ago is now restrengthened. The GEF played a significant role in the establishment of the world's first and Bhutan's largest trust fund, Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation. The BTF was the recipient of the GEF's second-ever grant in early 1990s.
Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation was established in 1991 as a collaborative venture between the Royal Government of Bhutan, United Nations Development Program, and World Wildlife Fund. An endowment of US$20 million was set as target for an innovative mechanism for sustainable financing of conservation programs in Bhutan. The donors to the trust fund include the Global Environment Facility, World Wildlife Fund, and the governments of Bhutan, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.
The BTF was granted the Royal Charter in 1996 which was updated in 2021 “keeping the present needs and ensure relevance and role of BTF to meet the future challenges”. Since its inception in 1991, BTF has supported over 240 conservation projects worth over USD30 million, which has significantly contributed to Bhutan's conservation goals and achievements.