Thematic Areas


“BTF shall promote social welfare in Bhutan through environmental conservation, amongst others, by supporting activities for:

1. Preserving biological diversity;
2. Mitigating and adapting to climate change;
3. Enabling human-wildlife co-existence; and
4. Addressing adverse impacts of development on the environment.”

The BTF shall achieve the objects through an efficient combination of grant making and program related investments (PRI) by strategically supporting the following programs:
1.    State-of-art research on Bhutan’s natural heritage; and multi-faceted approach to ecological integrity including climate change, environmental education and advocacy, and building human and institutional capacity throughout society for adaptive natural resource management;
2.    Effective interventions for in-situ conservation through multi-faceted management of protected natural areas, forests, flora, wildlife, land, and water resources; protection of endangered and threatened species; ecological restoration of degraded ecosystems and habitats; and waste management models;
3.    Promoting sustainable human-wildlife co-existence through public stewardship, sustainable utilization of natural resources, and establishment and maintenance of robust and ecologically sustainable human livelihoods, especially in vulnerable communities; and
4.    Support for climate change mitigation and adaptation through strategic, and environmentally friendly interventions for building resilience, especially among vulnerable communities.